Media Multiverse

When I was a teenager there were three TV stations, the radio, a handful of magazines, and books. That’s it. In retrospect I’m not sure how we all avoided boredom.

Browsing through Netflix raises this tree-falling-in-the-woods question:

If something happened in the world, and it did not end up on Netflix, did it ever really happen?

Netflix has shows on everything from ancient Rome to Marco Polo, from medieval times to colonial America, from the 1920s to the 1980s, and on and on and on. Every war ever fought has a bunch of TV shows and movies about it. I notice one about the British Empire attacking West Africa to get ivory.

When I finished watching one, Netflix then suggests another similar to it, that I did not know existed. Now Netflix simply starts playing its recommendations automatically. There is even a category called “Binge Worthy.”

It’s like all these shows are multiplying exponentially.

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