Bogus Charge

I never imagined I would be defending Harvey Weinstein in a post.

I don’t put it past a big time media mogul like Harvey Weinstein to use his power to pressure women into sex, but I find the latest allegation of “rape” a little hard to fathom. Why? Because of this:

“The development comes after allegations from actress Paz de la Huerta, who says Weinstein sexually assaulted her multiple times.”

Really? Multiple times? So after the first time he crossed the line, she found herself in a room alone with Weinstein yet again? And then waited 11  years to say something?

The LAPD is investigating “rape”? He threw her down and held a knife to her throat? That’s what rape is.

Rape involves physical coercion: force. If someone is influenced into sex and the later regrets it, that’s not rape, it’s just being stupid.

A crime as serious as rape needs to be immediately reported to the authorities, and then the testimony needs to be backed up – not with hearsay but with more evidence, forensic evidence.

I understand there are real rape victims out there. I also understand there are desperate people saturated in victim consciousness, with creative memories. Attention whores. Hollywood is filled with them.

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