The Decision

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Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has to tap into his reptilian complex and make a very primordial decision: to fight or to flee.

Apparently he is considering leaving Spain, although if he just goes to somewhere else in Europe he might not be safe, either. Because Spain is just a province of Europe, just like Catalonia is a province of Spain. He would be better advised to going to a country that has no extradition treaty with the EU and that, furthermore, is somewhat antagonistic to western imperialism.

This entire issue raises the question of the nature of the state. According to the Westphalian model, which started in Europe, a state has been widely regarded as requiring the following: 1) control over its borders; 2) a military under its command; 3) its own currency; and, most importantly 4) a monopoly on violence and the legal use of force.

Inside the EU, Spain does not have the first three items (its army is folded into NATO) and only partially meets the fourth. Various EU human rights commissions ameliorate its monopoly on violence.

Catalonia has none of the above. And it seems unwilling to acquire the means or legitimacy to use force. So this Catalonian movement is just, basically, a Facebook group that periodically marches up and down the street.

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