No More Slow Boat

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100 years ago I would have spent weeks on the slow boat to China, seasick.

Now I only spent most of one day watching movies and reading a new science fiction book, Ready Player One, which is apparently going to be a film by Steven Spielberg.

My only complaint about Air China is that their meal options are horrible: beef or pork. I always forget to get something different. Otherwise it was smooth sailing – except for when I stuck my hand in my bad to retrieve a toothbrush and instead sliced my finger on a razor blade. One of the stewardess wrapped bandaids around it on two different occasions. I felt a connection.

The movie above is Beatriz at Dinner, mostly with Salma Hayek, playing a working-class Mexican immigrant, and John Ligthgow, playing a megalomaniac oligarch who made a joke about himself being born in Oaxaca. When contextualized with a few other Easter eggs it became an inside joke? Is that a question? Am I uptalking?

It was a fun and mostly funny movie. More movies should features strained dinner table conversations. I’ve always found that riveting. However, the ending was inconclusive. “Wait… That was the end?” It happens from time to time.

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I also saw Wonder Woman. The first half was interesting, the character build up and allusions to ancient Greece, the Amazons, and ideas about the history of the world and humanity’s place in it. Very Illuminati-esque.

The movie took the stereotype of the Germans to the highest degree, plotting their evil like no one else can apparently. I think there must have been an intentional sense of parody.

The non-stop action and overly dramatic fight scenes can be boring. It’s why I avoid the superhero cartoonery.

I’m only in China for five weeks then quickly transition: Rochester, Phoenix, Mexico, Panama by January 3 for a week.

Then… Do I throw a dart on the map to decide where to go next? I must respect the omen shown to me by the old Chinese guy at Xiamen airport, a while back, with his tee shirt: Go Someplace New.

Do I follow the philosophy of flippage? Choose two continents and then flip a coin? And then two countries and flip a coin?

Meantime I’m happy to be in China and feel very much at home.




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