National Park Gentrification

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I read this in the news:

“In an effort to better fund its ongoing maintenance and infrastructure projects, the National Park Service proposing higher entrance fees for 17 parks around the U.S., which would increase the fees from around $30 per vehicle to $70 during the peak seasons, or busiest five months, of each particular location.”

That seems a little steep. Maintenance and infrastructure? I thought the whole point of national parks was the have a naturalistic setting where civilization ends. No maintenance. No infrastructure – except the bare minimum, like a fire station, snack bar, and restrooms.

The National Park Service is part of the government, which does not need to pay any attention to budgets. If the federal government can go into 20 trillion in unpayable debt, it can go into 21 trillion or even 300 trillion. Who cares!

In reality, this is a kind of social distancing exercise, where a handful of ruling elites has simply decided that the unwashed masses should remain outside Yosemite. The barbarians at the gate. And so it is a kind of humiliation ritual, just because. It’s a kind of taunting of the working class.

On a final note, it is interesting that “Smokey the Bear” never existed in this reality. If you think so, you have been “Mandela Affected.” Now, it is just “Smokey Bear,” always has been.

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