Ending the Epidemic

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Today might be the first time I agreed with the Trump administration on anything. There is now a promise to do something about the opioid epidemic. Sounds like a plan. I hope it works.

I’m in a motel in Phoenix in a decent area, but bordering a sketchier area. So when I walk to the Circle K for whatever, I often encounter pedestrians who, actually, cannot really walk properly. Their locomotion skills are a bit off. Zombies.

Then there are the dudes loitering in front of the store, invariably holding Big Gulp drinks, picking at their skin and glancing this way and that, just a millisecond away from a fight or flight response. Looking all weird. Most of these guys are young and White or Hispanic. I think the problem here is still meth or heroin.

I noticed that in Trump’s speech he made a reference to working with China on this common problem. China does have organized crime involved in the international narcotics trade, mostly based in Hong Kong. On mainland China it is way to dangerous to be a hard-core criminal: they are dispatched into the next worked with a single bullet to the back of the head. It works. Also, the society is more unified and robust. People don’t have the personal latitude to hive off and ruin their lives with drugs.

I can categorically say this: China does not have a domestic drug problem of any significance.

After four years there, after travelling around and knowing people from all walks of life, some of them intimately, I can safely say that China has no drug problem. Sure, there are a few hippies and skate borders here and there who smoke weed, and the scent can be picked up in nightclubs, but there is really no meth, no heroin, no opioids.

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