Bring Your Lamb to Slaughter

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“Now, I got no fight with any man who does what he’s told, but when he don’t, the machine breaks down. And when the machine breaks down, we break down

The machine must be kept rolling. That is why the US military is deployed in Africa. Because it’s there. And because we have a machine.

Few people are asking the tough questions about how the US got into Niger, where American soldiers were recently killed (sacrificed). We are told because it is because Niger is a hornet’s nest of Islamic terrorist groups. But even mainstream media reports that most of these groups spilled over from Libya and radicalized locals. These were the groups supported (back then) by the western circle jerk so desperate to kill Gaddafi (after the ritualistic sodomy).

And so there appears to be no terrorist group anywhere that did not get its start in the bowels of the intelligence community and the Pentagon. But  we are now supposed to forget all that complicity. We live is a society with zero historical memory.

I was just watching a cable show where you could see US soldiers in action in Afghanistan. A GoPro camera I guess. Very gritty business. They seemed like good guys who ended up in the Army for college scholarships and just to have a job. There seemed to be a few True Believers.

Despite their being generally smart and decent, they kept referring to local armed civilians as “bad guys.” Like they were in a video game. So let me get this straight. Let us assume 9-11 was not entirely what it was sold as. The US then invades Afghanistan based on a false premise, and then assume people do not have the natural right to defend their  country against outsiders.

Even if you swallow the Party Line for Afghanistan, no one can deny that the Iraq war was based entirely on lies and ultimately illegal according to international law.

This  topic has been in the news lately. Of course it is a tragedy when someone, anyone, gets killed – and especially when they are cut down in their youth.

But as for the US soldiers, I will not fool myself – I will not debase myself – into thinking that they died “for my freedom” or for “God and country” or for anything supposedly noble. I’m not going to insult my own intelligence.

No, these soldiers were simply victims, sacrificed on the altar of imperial power, corporate greed, and religious arrogance.

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