The Protein Craze

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We are Sparta! Greek protein for all.

One of the curious things about spending so much time out of the US (I was last here in February) is “Future Shock.”

The incremental changes here, which many people do not notice (because they are incremental), become very obvious.

I went to the supermarket. A Fry’s. I noticed that the high protein craze is now being marketed to a wide range of products. Protein this, protein that. Protein here, protein there – a new Dr. Seuss book could be written.

I agree protein is important, but excessive intake clogs the arteries and causes disease.

Each year, America falls into a new food fad. Last year it was gluten free. Fads come and go, but the country keeps ballooning in size. This country is seriously overfed. So f the protein craze is centered around losing weight, well, it’s not working and possibly backfiring.

On the plus side (no pun intended) American supermarkets are bursting with choices. When I was a teenager, all supermarkets were pretty standard and boring. Food was boring. Corn flakes and such. Sometime in the late 80s I guess it was, supermarkets got interesting.

Today, even a Fry’s! in Phoenix! has aisles of food from foreign lands, exotic cheeses, different kinds of pestos, choices everywhere. I bought eggs, confounded by having to choose between “organic” and “grain fed” and “free range” and “cage free.” I think there were more options.

And the coffee section… So many choices…


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