54 Years of Doctoring Evidence

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The Zapruder film, first released in 1975, after 13 years of editing (including the green screen, above)

Trump is going to let the JFK files be released?

The assumption here is that these files have been sitting in a locked cabinet somewhere all this time.

The assumption here is that these files will be released in their pristine, unadulterated state (if they ever were in that state).

We live in an age when not even the truth is true… If the nature of reality itself is illusory – a deception – then truth might well be an artificial construct. Maybe we inherited the archetype of truth in our collective unconscious but it does not really exist in the here and now.

In any case? What does it mean to be in the “truth community?”

I think that the loyalty to truth comes before any loyalty to other abstractions, such as god or country. Besides, if god and truth are basically synonymous and overlapping, then no harm done (from the religious point of view). Would not the Christian or Abrahamic god forgive putting the “truth” before “Him” if these were one and the same?

It’s like the scene in A Few Good Men: “I want the truth!” (But maybe none of us can really “handle the truth!”)

In any case, a wide range of people will probably make a fuss over the details in the JFK files. But before these are even released we know they must be false. We have to consider the source.

They can’t… stop… lying.

It’s all a lie… It… it… it… has to be. (An inside joke for some of us).

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