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Geostorm is a Hollywood mega-disaster movie.

It’s kind of like Asteroid meets The Day After Tomorrow meets The Wave, etc…

I’m a terrible movie critic because I normally see something redeeming in virtually all movies, but this one is skippable.

The movie is over the top. The final scenes are predictable and overly sentimental – maudlin, even…

What I did find interesting is that the theory and practice of global weather control is sold as a wonderful thing. Of course, a computer virus is inserted, hacking this benevolent system to weaponize weather.

But our hero restores the system and delivers it to the good guys: NASA. NASAtards will be ecstatic.

And there is a mesh around the Earth, some kind of geodesic structure, filaments of energy and geo-centric satellites (presumably).

In one of the final scenes, post-climax, the camera is pointed skyward to a kind of Biblical sky, with the sun radiating downward… It’s a bit of a mix between reality and CGI.

Wouldn’t you know it? Right there in the divine picture is the crisscross of a chemtrail.

So chemtrails went from being part of the new normal to being part of an inspirational sky.




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