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Happy Death Day. Movies are not just movies. They are coded and loaded with all kinds of messages.

This movie is about a young woman in college who keeps waking up on the same day over and over again, only to be murdered (whereupon she wakes up). If I say anymore it will spoil the plot.

But I will say that the movie is a metaphor for the idea of reincarnation and the progress a soul should make, directed under free will, towards its betterment – across nine lives, as it were.

Of course, other things about the movie have the opposite message, and Hollywood as a wholeĀ has another agenda. Still, the producers who are above the producersĀ feel obliged to put the good message in front of everyone’s faces, as part of the rules of engagement.

What the producers above the producers forget, however, is the glitch in the matrix – several glitches. Free will, for example, has been narrowed to the point of being parody. And burying the messages in Hollywood products does not constitute informed consent. The game of life has become as rigged as the NFL.

The movie is worth a look. It’s clever. It’s funny. It does not take itself too seriously.

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