Go Figure


At first, I thought this story was a put on. But no, it’s real. (Well, who knows really).

A Canadian man, his American wife, and their three children were rescued by Pakistani forces after years in Taliban captivity, But the Canadian man refuses to board a US flight to anywhere, fearing that he will be held and questioned because his previous wife was a terror suspect (mostly because she was related to the wrong people).

Of course he is 100% right. The anti-terror bureaucratic machinery is vast, has velocity, and in largely unaccountable. Neither ne nor his ex-wife pose any real threat (except to themselves!) but that would not stop DHS and Pentagon careerists, with assorted agents and neo-cons, from forming a circle jerk to watch this guy’s “interrogation” through one-way glass.

Who is this guy? He and his wife “were traveling in Afghanistan” when she was “five months pregnant” and with their other children. And I thought I was reckless…

Hollywood producers should put down their kale salads and call around, see if they can turn this into a Chevy Chase-style comedy, taking the family on vacation, with the parents being happy-go-lucky and entirely clueless.

In the movie, the family can be jetting off to the Greek island “Caful.” But when they change planes in Istanbul, they get distracted, and end up in line to board a plane to “Kabul.” Their goofy antics distract even the airline staff, and no one notices that they are on the wrong plane.

The parents then reach Kabul and compare the scene with their tourist brochures of the Greek islands.

“That’s OK, honey, let’s just make the most of it!”

Getting kidnapped by the Taliban… That’s rich. Lots of material there.









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