On the Run

I’m not going to speculate on the guilt of innocence of this guy… Sure something seems creepy and there is a long line of people claiming abuse; however, he remains innocent until proven guilty.

Also, while I recognize the seriousness of a rape charge (or of similar charges), it is precisely the severity of such a crime (and its potential punishment) that there needs to be forensic evidence. Not the word of someone. People lie all day long. Men lie all daylong. Women lie all day long.

Interesting, though, that he chose a Rehab Center in Europe. He ain’t coming back anytime soon ladies and gentlemen.

Unlike Roman Polanski, Weinstein probably does not have another passport in Europe. So, if the heat got turned up in Europe, with talk of extradition and all that, he can cash in on his Jewish background and get a passport from the state of Israel. It’s automatic. Once there, he would probably not be extradited.

Weinstein made the rational choice: run. He might or might not trust the criminal justice system (I do not).

He certainly does not trust the Hollywood smear machine once it turns on one of its own, cannibalizing a member in a politically correct crusade.

Weinstein is now the poster boy for aggressive masculinity and sexual harassment. Is this deserved? I have no idea. Maybe some people do, but I don’t even know much about this guy, except that he is too clever to ever serve one day in jail.

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