Propaganda Comes Full Circle

I checked Infowars today to see if there were any shill-style stories, and I was not disappointed.

“Massive Evidence Mounts Vegas Shooting Was an ISIS Attack”

Of course. How predictable. It only took a few years for most people to forget that ISIS, too, is a shill organization.

ISIS was cobbled together by western intelligence agencies (and factions above them) seeking to make all kinds of mischief in the vacuum of Iraq and Syria. Specifically, ISIS was designed to be a kind of umbrella organization to transcend and include the smaller, more parochial terror groups that Sen. John McCain is so fond of. He even presents medals to these guys – but hey, no harm done, most of them are actors.

ISIS uses weapons and money from the western coalition, conducts half their attacks in the green room, and most of the other ones on sets, and is more about propaganda than any¬†global threat. Kind of like the bogeyman in 1984. It’s the man behind the curtain.

How fitting, therefore, for Infowars to stoop to new depths.

This is like a House of Mirrors, with every image distorted. And with mirrors reflecting mirrors, we have an infinity of distortion.

Everything about this story is a lie. These lies keep getting more complex, more textured, more layered…

What we are witnessing is not just the repetition of hoaxes; we are witnessing the evolution of hoaxcraft from simplicity to complexity.


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