Booking Flurry

Panama City

So I got online and quickly locked myself into future plans, mostly on Expedia.

On December 6, I fly from Chengdu to Rochester, NY, and that cost almost 600 bucks (one way).

On December 13, I fly to Phoenix to spend a week with my kids (will also in October), and that cost me 12,500 points in the frequent flier system, along with about 15 bucks.

On December 20, I will make a run for the border and through Mazatlan or some nearby beach.¬†Run my loops, staying in the same places, eating in same restaurants, same habits, etc…

Then¬†Guadalajara, then to Mexico City, where I also run loops. I’ve been going up and down Mexico on a regular basis for 20 years, not counting university summers before that, so I’m beginning to feel like the oldest dog on the block.

On January 3, I fly from Mexico City to Panama City, with a flight change in Costa Rica. It’s a red-eye flight. That cost me the very unusual sum of 333 dollars.

I will have a week to update my citizen ID card, called the Cedula, and maybe get a local driver’s license. And run my usual loops.

By that time, I might have a better idea if I want to relocate to Colombia, Brazil, or somewhere else. Where I can make some new loops.

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