Travelling Circus

I changed my mind somewhat… I’m not going to spend my last few months in China wasting too much time deconstructing Las Vegas – when I could be enjoying the sights.

However, I would like to note that if this incident really went down as claimed, and if even a portion of the thousands of spectators and witnessed used their phones for photos and videos, we would have seen an avalanche of images in real-time.

The half dozen platforms of social media would have seen an unstoppable¬†cascade of videos and images, forwarded ad infinitum… This would have been citizen-produced, street-level media of true carnage (the real blood and guts stuff, like brains spilling from faces, etc…)

Was this an acoustical show? Peppered with a half dozen crisis actors? And everyone else rampaging out? With the controllers then telling the media to report a certain number of deaths? With the second window busted to fuel conspiracy theories that, paradoxically, reinforce the main narrative that there was a shooting? It’s so easy. All day long.

Do we need to consider the rapid accusation of ISIS, the made-for-Hollywood character that is Paddock, and the predictable media hysteria?

From a distance, this looks like a Barnum-and-Bailey circus. Tickets, please!

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