Reversal of Fortune

For many years, NATO powers (including Spain) have been preaching intervention in the Middle East, to protect civilians from governmental abuse.

Well… We shall see how this weekend shapes up in Catalonia. Spain’s government seems to be flirting with the idea of a major crackdown. Already it has arrested town mayors and the like for organizing the vote.

Soon enough, Madrid’s goon squads will be going after… you guessed it… Facebook protesters!

If things get ugly, perhaps all those arguments used to potato sack African leaders, and cart them off to the Hague (or to simply slay them) can be used for Spain’s leadership.

The narrative or paradigm of “human security” can be reversed to place European leaders under legal scrutiny (and surely some would say “in the crosshairs”) for violating Catalonia’s natural right of self-determination: freedom and democracy, and all that jazz…


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