His Own Private Venezuela

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Puerto Rico: This ain’t Idaho but it’s still part of the United States.

It is easy for the Trump administration to lambast Venezuela for this and that, with some reason.

But then again, while it spends most of its time worrying about NFL players lack of patriotism, it is not effective in delivering the necessary help to Puerto Rico, which was already mired in debt and poverty before the hurricane. And now people have no cash, no water, no electricity and no gas. And the White House is still worried about the NFL.

Corporate capitalism does not work, should be the lesson of Puerto Rico – to reverse the standard slogan that “socialism does not work.” Nothing works, to be more accurate, if it is a 20th century ideology and dragged into 2017.

No one gives decentralization a chance. What the world needs is the perpetual fracturing of hegemony, the perpetual negation of top-down power, be it from the left of the right, and the creation of complex adaptive networks. That would work. It’s never been tried, to be sure, but if one is to have any faith in humanity, then it would work.

Meantime, we have to listen to non-stop grandstanding and hypocrisy.

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