The Decision

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So I resigned my job, even though it was pretty cushy. I had my reasons.

I won’t be renewing my apartment lease in 2018, either.

That’s it. I’m leaving China, although my decision has everything to do with my internal clock, my motor, and nothing to do with China. I’m very grateful to have lived here.

In October I spend a week or so in Phoenix, return to China, and then December 6 leave, Rochester, Phoenix and Mexico through March. If I have the fundage I’ll swing through Seattle. I will digital nomad this situation and edit academic papers from wherever.

April 1 (April Fool’s Day) I will relaunch my life completely. I’ll move out of Mexico to either somewhere in Latin America or Europe, preparing the groundwork for my son moving there for university.

Sometimes you just got to throw your life to the wind.



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