Cheering from Afar

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It would be nice to see Catalonia break away from Spain.

This is now the Europe’s best chance to reverse the tide of oligarchic centralization, and to give a blow to the economic and political hegemony that is the European Union.

These residents of Spain, with their own history and language, understand that the EU has been a bad deal and that the Euro is a bankster fraud: a perpetual debt machine of social enslavement. The banks get perpetual bailouts and the rich get richer; for everyone elseĀ there is austerity. There is no economy here, just sacrificing at the altar.

I like Spain, but when I spent four years there as a child, I could tell even then that beneath the surface of authority in Spain was a very uncompromising and brutal force.

Franco was in power then, you see, as this was the late 1960s. People forget, but Spain in the 1960s was a fascist dictatorship and dirt poor.

My downstairs neighbors (PepeĀ and Eulelia) told me horror stories about their relatives hiding inside walls to evade the fascist police. So my sympathies have rested with the anti-fascists since I was about seven years old.

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