The Latest “Last” Day: Sept 23

The usual suspects are predicting the End of the World on September 23.

Because I’m in China, that is only six hours away. Hang on there, is the end of the world set for Greenwich Mean Time? Or will it roll across each and every time zone?

Most of these are  the New World Order’s controlled opposition: fundamentalist Christians.

A few of these Christians even glean evidence from Islam, that other bastard child of Judaism, the mother of lies.

Each one of those religions lays claim on a different kind of monopolized truth. Each advances its own arrogance in a particular way. (I don’t pretend to know the truth, but I feel obliged to counter the arguments of those who do pretend). I find their arrogance, holier-than-thou attitude, condemnation, judgment, and sense of superiority completely repugnant.

I periodically listen to “pocketsofthefuture” on youtube and found this passage to be particularly noteworthy, spoken by Paul Romano, whose spiritual path transcends religion, it’s fair to say. Of course he gets negative, Neanderthal comments on his channel from those on the Christian god squad (god squatters). His response is excellent:

“There’s no religion in the world, I’s sorry to say… that can copyright God. It’s blasphemy, stop saying it… It’s an insult to God to say that your religion is the only one and you own… the one doorway to God. It’s a disrespectful, blasphemous statement, and I’ve had enough of it. You’ve been sold a big bag of shit.”

Right on.

September 23 will come and go, but Bible-thumping doomsday voices will continue unabated.

Theoretically, it should not take many people to call bullshit on September 23 – and on other pseudo-Illuminati apocalyptic fantasies – for them to refrain from the fear mongering.

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