I clicked on Norsemen thinking it was a real drama series, like Vikings. But I quickly realized this was a kind of humorous parody, and extremely funny at that.

Norwegians produced the series, filming in both Norwegian and English. It has a Monty Pythonesque feel too it, but the humor is a bit different. The Norwegians build up a sense of cumulative ridiculousness in a way that is different than the British. A different style. It’s genius.

One of the chieftans worries that he is over relying on “fear-based” leadership. A random Viking innovates by placing two horns on his helmet and has to explain the purpose of fashion, with people predicting that the horns will never catch on. A guy’s wife goes on a raid to pillage, rapes the monks, and makes a trophy necklace of their private parts (the husband asks if that was really necessary). An pretentious actor from Rome is captured as a slave but moves the village towards experimenting with the dramatic arts.

This show is a true find.

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