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The Manchurian Candidate (1962) was a good tip off that the Korean peninsula, with the war, was (and remains) ground zero for mind control.

At present the global media complex is diffusing a certain narrative about North Korea across all platforms and repeatedly. This is evidence of some basic falsehood. People believe lies only when they are big ones and repeated often. That’s what the global media complex is for.

Nothing in conventional international relations theory would explain why North Korea is flirting with nuclear weapons and missiles at this point. Certainly not rational choice theory.

So if North Korea is not pursuing its own national interests (unless suicide is the goal) then whose interest is it really pursuing?

What powers are operating over and above Pyongyang (and Beijing and Moscow and Washington) nudging the world system towards the kind of Armageddon predicted in Gangnam Style?

Let us assume that North Korea really has nuclear weapons (a stretch).

China could easily enforce the status quo by publicly detailing how (if North Korea struck a foreign target first) it would destroy North Korea’s military, occupy the country, and replace its government. China has the capacity to do this within a 24-hour period or less.

Similarly, China could easily enforce the status quo by acting against the US, which represents almost as much of a threat to regional stability as North Korea. On a regular basis, the American Ambassador to the UN and many others speculate that the matter should be removed from the Security Council and placed into the hands of the Pentagon – that is, that the matter should fall outside of international law.

As with North Korea, if the US acts unilaterally, then China could easily dump US bonds on the open market, impose a trade embargo, freeze all US assets in greater China (including Hong Kong), and sit back and wait for Washington’s regime to topple, with any surviving leaders carted off to The Hague.

It could be that China is the only sensible actor in this crisis. If it acts to reinforce the status quo and succeeds, then it would benefit from hegemonic stability and would re-frame world politics according to its own model. Which would not be a bad thing necessarily, when compared to the western model of non-stop foreign wars and the world’s most sophisticated (and predictable) propaganda.

However, if China acts timidly then suspicions would be confirmed that all these parties are really working together, and that they are simply actors on a stage, reading lines written by others.



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