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I’ve watched many videos promoting diets. These include those by vegans who will not touch animal products, and those by paleos or others, like “Butter Bob,” who swears by eating tons of meat, eggs, and dairy.

In many ways this debate goes back to the Atkin’s diet that was a high-protein, low-carb diet.

In my humble opinion, over the long term, a plant-based diet is best, and one without highly processed complex carbs like pasta. The occasional portion of protein in the form of fish or eggs will do no harm, I think.

True, people can lose a lot of weight quickly by eating a high-protein, low-carb diet. But over the long term, a high-protein diet filled with animal products is extremely hard on the organs, increases the rates for cancer and all kinds of diseases – to say nothing of reinforcing slaughterhouses and ruining the land.

Again, a 30-year-old obese person will lose a ton of weight and keep it off on a high-protein diet, but their body will begin to break down in their 50s.

If mileage is the goal, then something closer to the vegan end of the spectrum makes more sense, without necessarily becoming a religious zealot about it.

What I control (fixing or cooking on my own most of the time) I will consider to be my “baseline” diet. This is heavy on vegetables and fruit, with lots of almonds, some potatoes and, every few days, three eggs sunny-side up. Flavored with Thai chili paste, salsas, curries, or whatever.

I avoid cereals and dairy, but I don’t rule them out. If someone offers me a cookie I will eat it. If I’m grabbing coffee in a shop and I like the look of a desert I will buy it. These weekly or bi-weekly departures from the baseline are OK for me at least.

My conclusion is simple: over the long term, a protein-heavy paleo diet is madness.


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