This was an interesting movie, and the cinematography was excellent – although a few scenes looked like they were shot in southern California…

I recommend the movie but then again, I like almost every movie I see, so I’m a terrible critic.

I know, some of the characters were a little stereotypical. The guy from Texas. The guy from the inner city. The Hispanic guy. The corn-fed guys. The officers with the weather-beaten faces.

It’s about a young soldier who tried to avoid the war but ended up thoroughly engrossed in it. He became a True Believer, even though he knew deep down that it was futile. Which it was.

Whatever happened the US in Iraq? How busy is that embassy, the size of the Vatican? Whatever happened to the plan for the Ramstein-on-the-Euphrates?

History will not judge NATOs efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan so kindly. But this movie was ultimately about the human factor, and worth watching.

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