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I remember when Stevia was first pushed into the market. It was billed as a natural alternative to the saccharine style sweeteners, you know, the ones that emerged from compounds related to chemical weapons (no kidding).

Stevia was from the Amazon or some Edenic place in South America, so the story went. The sweetener for native peoples. On one level that might be true, but many Stevia products are cut with maltodextrin:

“Outside of the aforementioned time-frames, maltodextrin is just as bad, sometimes worse, as having sugar. Easily absorbed carbs like maltodextrin and sugar get into your bloodstream fast. If there is nothing for all that blood sugar to do (i.e. repair muscle-tissue, give energy), it will get stored as fat. Contrast that with real complex carbs from whole grains, which are broken down and absorbed slowly, and maltodextrin looks more and more like sugar.”

Maltodextrine can actually register 130 on the glycemic index, higher than sugar at 100.

And yet the Stevia-Maltodextrin cocktail is being pushed as a solution for obesity and diabetes, when it only aggravates these conditions.

My contention is that this is deliberate. It has to be.

The Food-Pharma combine is part of a soft war  on humanity, to put it bluntly, and engages in a kind of biological terrorism with the slow but steady contamination of food, water, and air. It’s part of the agenda.




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