Reversing the Flow

Hawaii is getting a lot of attention for considering giving all residents a “Universal Basic Income.” This would provide a floor of income, guaranteed, so that no one suffers from homelessness, malnutrition, or persistent poverty.

Naturally, the majority of libertarians and conservatives find this outrageous. Who will pay for it?

No one really pays for anything in our psudo-economy. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Vast sums of money are created out of thin air and gifted to banks and corporations. Who pays for that? No one.

But it matters not if we are 20 trillion in debt or 40 trillion in debt. Or 100 trillion in debt. No one is ever going to pay any of this back!

One of the greatest delusions in modern history – a hoax, really – is that there is something called an “economy” with relative autonomy: that an “economy” exists as a system. No. Economies are mere appendages of political regimes, which are brought into existence (from above) and which eventually undergo controlled demolitions.

There are no “economic laws” apart from those constructed for economies, from above, by political regimes.

So, as long as corporate fat cats and banksters are getting all this free money, well, so should Joe and Jane Six Pack. To say otherwise is simply to defend oligarchic hoarding.

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