King Klown


Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). His tweet is ricocheting around the media complex.

“Ending DACA now gives chance 2 restore Rule of Law. Delaying so R Leadership can push Amnesty is Republican suicide.”

So right off the bat we can see King’s war on the English language. He seems to be part of this program to dumb down the population. He’s not going to make it as a professional editor; I can tell you that much.

Immigration law itself, having been deliberately violated by all levels of government, lacks integrity. It’s just words on a paper. Like so many of his mindset, he is willing to place “law” above “ethics” or “humanity.” Yeah, it was once “the law” to separate the races at Woolworth’s lunch counter.

Who is this guy? So I Googled him. Actually I Yahoo’d him because Google thinks traffic coming from my computer is suspicious, and then asks me to click on boxes with street signs… forever. Fucking Google.

Steve King’s record of deeds and misdeeds is legendary.

King proposed using “food stamp” money to pay for the border wall.

King voted AGAINST the hurrican Katrina aid package…

“In July 2012, King introduced an amendment to the House Farm Bill that would legalize previously banned animal agriculture practices such as tail docking, putting arsenic in chicken feed, and keeping impregnated pigs in small crates.”

King fiercely opposes same-sex marriage “…so that Iowa does not become the gay marriage Mecca.” I imagine his opposition to adult consexual sex derives from the Illuminati scriptures and their edicts.

Presumably a corn-fed Christian from Iowa, and thus puritanical, there are many reports that while in Moscow he tried to procure a Chinese masseuse.

As reported by the Democratic Underground (link below):

“Steve King sought ‘Chinese masseuse’ at Moscow hotel where Trump allegedly hired sex workers”

(If those reports are true, then someone somplace has video).

Perhaps Iowa voters might someday wake up (not bloody likely). But they might.

If they ever vote King out of office, then those of us on the other side will finally get our happy ending.

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