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This years Hurricane Harvey is bad (Category 4), but Hurricane Carla of 1961 (Category 5) was technically worse, and the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 (Category 4) killed more than 8,000 people.

I only mention this because it is easy to read too much into the latest hurricane: that it confirms “climate change” theory, for example. I’m still waiting for very detailed, scientific, unbiased and testable evidence that the climate disruptions of today are significantly different that the ones that have always been underway.

Others, mostly Christians, are convinced that the hurricane signals a “quickening” of the end times. Surely people were around who said the exact same thing in 1900 and in 1961. When the next biggie hits Texas, say in 2052, people will be repeating the same line.

I remember many Christians saying that the 2005 tsunami in Indonesia was the Lord’s wrath, harsh punishment brought down on a region where Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam intersect. That is what these people actually fucking said.

I know, because I lived in Texas back then, and many of my ex-wife’s friends and family were on the God Squad.

Hurricane Harvey – and many other hurricanes – has a habit of hitting the USA right in the Bible Belt, but these modern versions of Jonathan Edwards now have their mouths shut.

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