Tee-Shirt Wisdom

Today’s post is very light because I was flying from Manila to a city near Xiamen to Chengdu.

But in a crowded Manila airport, I saw the same Chinese guy twice, and then he was actually on my plane, walking down the aisle, and paused in front of me. Each time he was positioned in a way that got my attention.

His tee shirt said: “GO SOMEWHERE NEW

I took it as an omen from the gods or whatever. I leave China every 60 days because of my visa and, like an android in Westworld, I run the same loops in Manila or Bangkok. And across China’s new year I run the same loops in Mexico City and Panama City. Same hotels, same restaurants, same loops.

If fortune continues to smile upon me, it looks like I will have an entire month free from work, and I’d be seeing my kids on either end. So it’s a month free.

I need to be somewhat close to the Internet and someplace cheap. So where? Papua New Guinea? Tonga? I can probably find super cheap flights from Hong Kong to the South Pacific… Or Brazil?

How do I decide? I can either flip a coin or wait until another tee-shirt omen appears.

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