Wheatless Week

So yeah, I spent a week with no wheat – no bread, no pasta, no grains of any kind, including rice.

I’m not counting the few croutons on some salads… The only other change I made was to drink vegetable juice once a day, grinding it all up in my hotel room with a powerful juicer (and then hiding the evidence so that the staff don’t question running powerful appliances in the room).

Actually, the other change I made was to eliminate eggs and chicken. I’ve been eating fruit in the morning, then vegetables with sweet potatoes or avocadoes and hot sauce, apples smeared with peanut butter, lots of hot chocolate with water (no milk), and plenty of coffee, often with honey and coconut oil in it.

I’m not a vegan because I do eat honey, and if lacking options I will eat eggs or maybe fish. (Vegans eat tons of rice and pasta, which I do not). I’m not a paleo because they don’t eat peanut butter, and I remain convinced that eating beef and pork, and even chicken, is eating death… Dairy, after a video I watched, now seems like puss.

I have to invent some new term for this diet and elaborate certain principles. Maybe I’ll make a menu.

I’ve lost about five pounds, easily. When I make even more progress I might be willing to do one of those famous “Before” and “After” photos. Actually, it was a before photo of seeing myself standing around at a function, that made me decide to do something. I was fat.

In a month or two, I’m gonna be that guy on youtube who demonstrates different juice blends and smoothies, etc…

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