Rival Globalizations

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Afghanistan’s last best chance for peace and prosperity would be to plug into the new OBOR system, above. This map does not show one of the latest developments, which is a high-speed rail and transport system between Chongqing in China and Singapore.

Also, the map does not show the latest extension from China to the Philippines. I’m in Manila now, and my hotel is half full with Chinese business people, young and enthusiastic.

While I don’t necessarily support each and every Chinese domestic or international policy, I recognize that China’s version of economic integration (globalization) is superior to what has become of the western or American version. China’s focus is on long-term economic development (as opposed to raw growth), without foreign intervention.

By contrast, the American approach, as it has evolved across the past few decades, is to satisfy the short-term interests of the military-industrial complex; the control freaks, blue blooded aristocrats, and zionists of the deep state; and Wall Street parasites. The only working-class element will be Blood-and-Soil white nationalists. Christians, naturally, are obligated to support the governing authorities (so says “Romans” in the Illuminati scriptures).

For this Skull and Bones coalition, for this circle jerk, Afghanistan is not to be developed; it is to be gradually raped.

Trump’s recent announcement of a troop surge in Afghanistan has nothing to do with anything. Did he really analyze the situation and pour over maps? When everyone in the White House has been neck deep in the snake pit?

The troop surge annoucement is simply a humiliation ritual. His masters made him do this. The controllers allowed Trump to win the election with an “America First” agenda and a campaign promise that will now be reversed. This is their way of announcing to the world that he is their bitch.

Similarly, the troop surge is a humiliation ritual for American voters. For those that voted him in office, they are reminded that their vote means nothing, and that they are dumbed-down cattle.

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