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The movie War Machine, with Brad Pitt, was quite interesting.

This movie reveals why the US cannot make much progress in Afghanistan, despite troop increases. It turns out that local Afghanis don’t really like foreign troops occupying their country. Who would have thought?

House of Cards also uses troop increases in the Middle East as a subplot. US presidents have a habit of resorting to surges – or just threatening deployments – in order to score some political points with the base, and to provide fodder for the media complex.

The media complex, like the infamous war pigs, must be fed. Talking Heads must be kept talking, or they will explode.

Here, the base of support for further military meddling is quite wide. Christian evangelicals endorse war when it is waged against Muslims (anything to accelarate the Second Coming!), and the pro-Israel group AIPAC, backed by a Jewish political mafia, is dedicated to the conflict model in the wider region. That’s why AIPAC applauded loudly for the interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and even Syria.

Interestingly, much of the Alt-Right media, especially Infowars, criticized both the Bush and Obama administrations for their foreign interventions. But Infowars will almost certainly support Trump on Afghanistan, regardless.

Trump is simply sending another 4,000 troops. There is nothing really innovative going on. No breakthroughs, no progress. We are up to… 16 years… of intervention in Afghanistan. A generation. Of course, there has been a lot of “the boys will be home by Christmas” talk, plans for drawdowns, but it is just part of the game.

Actually, if American interests are really for security and prosperity in Afghanistan, then it should leave, and allow China’s Silk Road project to make some headway.

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