House of Cards

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It must have been back in the 1990s, when I first saw a “real” news commentator appear in a movie.

At the time I thought it was odd, even inappropriate, as this would or should effect the credibility of the newscaster and show. What’s a news anchor or news commentator doing in a film or TV show?

Now I have the opposite view.

I got a chance to binge on Season 5 of House of Cards. Excellent, as usual. It’s a great series. I’m a fan.

Many of the characters are amalgams or composites of the real people who have held high office or who have worm tongued their way into circles of power. Also, House of Cards is predicated on levels of corruption, including murder and attempted murder, that are in fact accurate.

So House of Cards is more accurate than the “real” news that is being advanced in the media complex.

This means that when Rachel Maddow and the half a dozen other Talking Heads are on House of Cards, they are actually being more “real” than they are when presenting and commenting on the watered-down version of events packaged for popular consumption.

Yes indeed. On their regular shows, well, that is when they are “acting.”

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