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It is interesting that so many people consider themselves critical thinkers when it comes to media and politics, but simply accept social conventions regarding food.

Why do we eat what we eat? Our family history, socialization, advertising…

My approach to nutrition is that I know next to nothing, but I am highly skepical of official and corporate propaganda regarding food. I’m also suspicious of the medical community, especially considering that much of it is part of a disease-industrial complex.

It seems that human health “was allowed” to improve across most of the 19th and 20th centuries, with life expectancies increasing. Now, however, life expectancies are stable and even declining in the US.

In recent decades, we’ve seen the advent of GMO foods, fluoridation, chemtrails, vaccinations on steroids, etc… Childhood diabetes and autism are exploding. I’m beginning to think that diet has more to do with all this than the other factors.

In this posting, I do not have a lot of insight or breakthroughs – although my recent elimination of wheat is showing results.

Here, I simply want to place the conventional diet into the context of “human husbandry,” and to recognize this mainstream diet as the latest development in the “Domestication of Man (and Woman).”

Further research also needs to be done on the shape, color and symbolism of food.

I reflect on the Chinese Masters thesis I edited, on how Coca-Cola became a ritualistic drink, a sacrament at the altar of American-led globalization, stimulating the new converts to greater efficiency while paradoxically symbolizing modern leisure. American troops in the Pacific during WWII used to dispense Coke to the islanders, with messianic zeal. There were in fact especially designated soldiers to liaison between the Army and Coca Cola.

Last week I saw the movie The Founder, about McDonalds, and am convinced that there is a lot more going on than meets the eye.

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