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The Groxt1 channel on youtube is narrated by a Christian evangelical.

Sometimes he makes good points, but I disagree (fundamentally!) with the idea of interpreting all these terrorist attacks as fulfilling Biblical prophesy.

For a start, many if not most of these attacks are not natural, organic events; they are conjured, manipulated from the top-down, or are simply “false flags.”

This begs the question: Biblical prophesy must be lied into fulfilment? So the Great Deception must be ushered in with nothing less than a long chain of deceptions?

Maybe this is a more important question: What separates prophesy from a playbook? Now that the prophesy has been widely disseminated, what is to prevent any ordinary cult from simply acting it out? What is prophetic about that?

Is the “V” in the Boook of Daniel really representing the “Van” of Barcelona? Does Ivanka Trump (with a “van” in her first name) really factor into Biblical prophesy?

We are now mixing the Bible with the political celebrities of People Magazine?

I agree with the narrator that the usual suspects are plotting evil… But Biblical scripture (Illuminati scripture centuries in the making) looks a lot like a Rorschach ink test. People read whatever they want into it.

Here is the 5 minute video:

Barcelona VanAttack Daniel 8 Goat runs into Ram WW3 Illuminati Freemason Symbolism



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