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Erasmus University, Netherlands

My son started the 11th grade, and one year from now will be applying to universities. We both agree the better options are universities in Europe, some of which conduct their classes in English. And then there are the “American University of [fill in the blank]” systems, in Athens, Rome, Paris, etc…

Still another option, also to be pursued, are the English language universities in Asia, including Singapore and Hong Kong. Even mainland China has programs. East Asia has better infrastructure. This is where the growth is. But he is keen on Europe, being a soccer fan.

As we both see it, he has spent his life thus far in the US, and it is not the only ride in the park. Anywhere in Europe is good as a base to see the rest of the continent on long weekends and such.

Besides, tuition is astronomical in America. American tuition is much, much, much higher than anywhere else. Even though the cost of living in Europe can be higher than in parts of the US, Europe still comes out as the cheaper option.

Europe is no paradise, and the European Union is sclerotic. Nevertheless, recent events in the US, including in Virginia, suggest that the American train to disaster is on a faster track. All aboard with a one way ticket?

The United States does not deserve my son, quite frankly, or my daughter. They are too precious to me. My children deserve more out of life.

The research begins… In time, I will report back on the wish list, with a table including tuition rates, etc.

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