Dujiangyan, Old and New


I’m not sure when the original photo was taken, my ladyfriend says about the 1930s, and she should know because she grew up in this town, now a small city, about two hours northwest of Chengdu, in the foothills of mountains that continue into Tibet.

This town is just below the mountains and has some spectacular sites not included below. When I replace my good camera, which I finally broke, I will do more justice to the beauty here.

In any case the photo above represents “Old China,” in stark contrast to “New China.”

The photos above and below are of the same bridge, below.


Dujiangyan is now a tourist site. Almost all the visitors are from other parts of China including Taiwan.

No doubt, back in the 1930s, the idea of “national tourism” in China would have been a complete fantasy.

Some of the “Beishanguo” high society people buy summer homes here. “Beishanguo” is a handy term for the cosmopolitan types, the fashion people and such, from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. They put the first parts of the three words together.

I did not see any foreigners here, but apparently they do trickle in.


There is a raging river under this bridge.


Several of the main streets are dominated by Muslim restaurants and shopkeepers, much like in Xi’an.


The architecture above is extensive, going on for many blocks. I will return with a better camera.


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