Herding Humans to WWIII?


The official explanation for previous wars is utter nonsense (udder nonsense!)

In high school, we were taught that World War I began in much the same way the flapping of a butterfly’s wings might cause a tornado on the other side of the world. There was a bottom-up effect, where events just percolated upwards… And so the killing of some archduke in Sarajevo created this butterfly effect, and all of Europe unleashed itself on itself. It’s ludicrous.

Because the Germans were shafted by the Versailles scheme, we were similarly told that some guy with a funny mustache, with a penchant for beer hall grandstanding, became leader of Germany by 19 “33” all on his own. Simply because of his public speaking skills.┬áIt’s ludicrous.

Now, we are all being encouraged to believe that North Korea has rather suddenly perfected its nuclear weapons technology (which in reality is non-existent), and is capable of striking US territory.

We are also being told that a reality TV star in America, famous for being unpredictable, has been handed all the US nuclear codes (a bit of a hoax there as well, but that is another story).

Meantime, Russia is going along with the script, having sponsored its own false-flag events, and completely vested in the theatrical production that is formal world politics.

Meantime, China has either not understood that there are powerful factions over and above national governments, or is also participating in the drama with anticipation of some goal. I’m not sure which of these two scenarios is the most likely.

Nevertheless, China’s statement about the Korean issue the other day makes complete sense if we accept the mainstream assumptions (I don’t, but so what): that China will stand by as a neutral power if North Korea strikes first, and basically allow the US and South Korean militaries to destroy North Korea, but that China will forcefully retaliate, and foil, any South Korean or American attempts to change the status quo on their own, without having been first attacked by North Korea. That stance is realistic and rational.

As mentioned, however, I’m simply not buying into the assumption that these national governments are all acting and reacting as the top-most power players in the pyramid. They are not. Nor are these simply “Fortune 500 wars” driven by corporate interests – even though corporations, governments, oligarchs, organized religions, crowned heads, high finance, ethnic mafias, and media complexes attach themselves to these wars like leeches.

Others out there have done a more complete job than I have, of explaining how major wars are ultimately examples of “controlled demolition” and “strategic relocation.” All these wars are designer wars.

Humanity has its enslavers, its controllers. Media fear mongering is increasing, and politicians are over-acting (as in delivering exaggerated performances).

This is because the controllers are seriously contemplating having Guam somehow destroyed, then blaming it on North Korea, and then standing aside as the herd of humanity stampedes toward their own slaughter.

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