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A few days ago I mentioned that I would post on the revolving door of the White House: who is up, who is down, and why.

There are people out there who can be more accurate than I can regarding White House factionalism.

Plenty of people analyze the divisions between the insiders and outsiders, between the Trump loyalists and the Republican apparatchiks, or between the nationalists and globalists. Whatever. On one level this analysis is all bullshit, lending dignity to a process that has none.

Those who own and control the US made the first real attempt to turn domestic politics into celebrity news in 1980, when they selected Ronald Reagan, an actor, to be president.

Today, the White House and news about it mixes “reality television” stars, who include the president himself, with celebrity culture, sensationalism, and scandals or the promise thereof.

The media and even the general public has become addicted to this, just as people get addicted junk food and fast-food. There is a lot of feeding at the trough.

Witness, for example, how much mileage the media got out of the completely ginned up scandal of Russia “hacking” the elections. The media kept at it… Supply and demand?

There is no factionalism, really, because both the fake media, on the one hand, and 3 am presidential twitter tantrums, on the other hand, serve the same purpose: to turn American politics, and media coverage of it, into a Barnum-and-Bailey three ring circus of distraction, complete with a daily freak show.

The US is pretty much the only country that airs its dirty laundry so publicly.

However, my point runs deeper: the US the only country whose controllers are manufacturing dirty laundry in the first place. These are engineered controversies and designer scandals.

The controllers are intentionally debasing American politics; they want it to be undignified.

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