The Christian-Illuminati Nexus


Returning readers will note that I periodically excoriate modern Christianity.

To be up front, think this world

1) was “created” (with some evolution as part of the design), and

2) is characterized by a tension between good and evil, and

3) includes an eternal soul that experiences, and re-experiences, physical existence.

Beyond those assumptions I cannot say much.

Still, I conclude that Christians are unwitting members of the controlled opposition of the “New World Order,” or the “globalist oligarchs,” or the “Masonic order” or the “Illuminati controllers.” These terms, which come in and out of use, can all generally characterize an agenda going back to ancient Egypt, not none of the terms is ideal.

The terms try to capture an in-your-face agenda of global centralization, and a containment of the human potential.

What is my argument with Christianity then? Christians and the Illuminati have both signed on to the exact same apocalyptic narrative, one in which history ends in cataclysm and catastrophe, with the worst parts of the Book of Revelation coming true in Technicolor horror.

In this narrative, a small, tiny fraction of humanity is raptured or otherwise saved. Who might they be? Only those people buying into the monopoly of Christianity. Everyone else fries in the Pit.

Let us imagine a different outcome shall we? Let us imagine a human future in which humans make real and actual progress, in terms of peace, prosperity and awakening, onward and upward.

Let us imagine a healthy, vibrant future of real improvement across the entire spectrum of human existence. Let us imagine a humanity that uses its own existing, natural and spiritual capacity to supersede its limitations.

Sorry. There is no room in modern Christianity, especially in American evangelicalism, for such a future. Not in the cards. Not in prophesy.

This is actually, counter-intuitively, one reason why the New World Order, or Illuminati agenda, sometimes attacks Christianity.

These globalists hope to activate, even strengthen, an opposition whose attention, energy and actions all reinforce the apocalyptic narrative: mass destruction, with a harvesting of souls by the Devil, who simply gets another yellow card and is confined to the sin bin until the next round.

And so we have humanity, ground between the twin millstones of Christianity and the Illuminati agenda.

The Illuminati could care less about Hinduism or Buddhism because these traditions do not share the same idea of the End Game. Also, in terms of the world system, these religions are semi-peripheral, not embedded in the West, and unable to become serious sparring partners.

The Illuminati approach to Islam is more complex, seeing in Islam an opportunity to divide-and-conquer the Middle East, and to whip American evangelicals into a frenzy.

Here is a related criticism: modern Christianity holds two diametrically opposing views: the existence of revealed prophesy, on the one hand, and the existence of free will, on the other hand.

But if the future is predetermined and cannot be changed, then we have no free will – not beyond making choices within a narrow, meaningless corridor of existence, that is, such as choosing between a hamburger or a BLT.

Do we have the free will, as individuals or in the collective, to construct a healthy, prosperous and free future? Not according to the evangelical (and Illuminati) view that insists that the End is Nigh.

Finally, it is astounding that Christians point to scripture for their information, rather than to their own logic and experience.

While the Old Testament was composed by various cults (from Egypt to Israel to Babylon), the New Testament emerges many decades after the death of Jesus, and probably two or three centuries later.

That’s a lot of time for the propagandists to refine their message, which was then further modified (and altered for their benefit) by the Popes and Crowned Heads of the Middle Ages.

The next time I’m in a verbal discussion with a Christian, I’m not going to let him or her get away with the term “scriptures.”

I will say “you mean the Illuminati Scriptures.” You know, for the sake of accuracy…

The Christian idea of monopoly, hegemony, reductionism, and holding people at spiritual gunpoint, derives only from the Illuminati Scriptures. There is no other source for the outlandish claim that Jesus is the only path.

The Christian-Illuminati scriptures are “of this world,” and we know who has been in command around here for the past thousands of years…

I see many ardent Christians, incensed about recent trends in culture, politics and the economy. They have a right to be incensed. I simply beg to differ with their assumptions and conclusions.

Moreover, I suspect that the Illuminati now have the Christians right where they want…

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