One Belt, One Road

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My class on the Silk Roads gathered up a few more people and we headed to Chengdu’s new railway facility.

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Cargo goes from Chengdu to Poland in 10 days. There are 11 freight trains each week.

A completely separate line runs out of another city 2 hours away to the Southeast, Chongqing, but I think Chengdu and Chongquing pretty much ignore one another. Both cities claim to be the new major terminus of the Silk Roads in China. Well, this is shaping up to be a decentralized network in any case, which is good.

Chengdu is the westernmost city in China of any real size. The Tibetan foothills begin just a few hours from here.

The Green Line through the Stans, Iran and Turkey is soon to be opened.

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This is actually a small city 17 kilometers from Chengdu.

China’s vision of globalization is certainly preferable to the western vision.

China’s position is simple: no political interference across borders, no religious evangelizing, no military interventions, no meddling… ┬áJust cash on the barrelhead.

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