Front Men

A recent video posted on the Youtube channel Jeranism is illustrative of something bigger.

This 3-minute video, posted below, documents how Elon Musk revealed that Space X offers the Air Force and government full and total access to their systems – but it is beyond that, even.

Most if not all of these companies – including computer companies, social media companies, telephone companies, cable television networks – receive massive subsidies but are somehow touted as examples of “capitalism.”

Government (even deep state) operatives have not only full access to these corporations but actually hatched them to begin with.

In reality, the deep state possesses technology (or “access” to, which is slightly different) several generations into the future. These technologies are then dripped through operational filters, and new myths and legends are created regarding their origin.

Hence, we now witness one Horatio Alger story after another. I do not believe, not for a minute, that Steve Jobs hatched Apple Computers in his garage and then cold called people for start-up money. This is ideological fodder.

Similar stories about people launching major companies out of their station wagons, or dorm rooms, or fraternity houses, are also bullshit.

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