Desperately Seeking Shape

I’m not convinced anyone really knows the true shape of the Earth, or the true nature of the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

There are several problems with both the Round Earth and Flat Earth models. I will first point to two problems with the latter, the Flat Earth model.

Flat Earth Problem #1: Sunsets at the Equator


Most Flat Earthers live in the northern latitutudes, or the extremes of the southern latitudes. They make a common argument: that the Sun does not drop behind the horizon but rather arcs away into the distance, disappearing into a vanishing point. Their diagrams show the Sun arcing and descending on a 45 degree slant. They have not been to the Equator?

At the Equator the Sun pretty much courses directly overhead and then plops down under the horizon, plunging vertically while maintaining a relatively large size. It’s not curving away into a long arc; it is falling vertically.

Flat Earth Problem #2: Stars in the Southern Hemisphere

Most Flat Earthers do not address how the stars in the Southern Hemisphere revolve around a central point in the sky, much like they do in the Northern Hemisphere.


True, several Flat Earthers attribute this to a “lens effect” or distorion of some kind. I need to look into this more, but at present it seems to be reaching.

Ball Earth Problem #1: No Big Bang Chaos


If the Big Bang theory were accurate, the stars should all be moving at different speeds and in different directions. In fact, the night sky should be chaotic and unpredictable. We should be watching a nightly fireworks display.

Instead, the behavior of the night sky looks a lot more like stars could be illuminated crystals in a revolving dome. Very strange. According to the prevailing Ball Earth theory, and according to NASA, the stars and constellations have remained relatively fixed for eons.

Ball Earth Problem #2: Flatline

Photographs of the horizon, without the fish-eye lens, reveal flatness. Even at the altitude of a flying airplane, the horizon remains at eye level, when it should be dropping. NASA images, to be sure, appear to be entirely photoshopped, but that has already been covered here and elsewhere.

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Ball Earth Problem #3: Missing Curvature

There is a lot of missing curvature around. On a clear day, people are seeing islands and boats and even cities that should not be possible on a curved Earth. We should be losing 8 inches every mile, but we are not.


That ship that seems to drop behind the horizon? Just get a zoom lens and bring it into view.


There are problems with both the Flat Earth and Round Earth models?

Do I have a better model? No, I do not.

I have not yet discarded theories that interface between the physical and virtual worlds. Also, I suspect that the Sun, Moon and Stars are forms of consciousness.

I don’t know the true shape of the Earth, but I intend to find out.

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