Saudi Sacrificial Ritual


When I searched for an image of Mujtaba al-Sweikat, who is about to be beheaded in Saudi Arabia for attending a Shia demonstration at age 17, I found the image above.

Interestingly, the google search shortened the title, replacing “demontrating” with “demons.”

WeChat Image_20170728155346

Yes indeed. Of course, Saudi Arabia would be able to carry out its own particular systerm of justice were it really a sovereign nation. But it is not, not really.

Saudi Arabia is an appendage, or subsidiary, of the US-UK Atlantic system, and the kingdom depends on the petrodollar, untold billions in weapons sales, and a pass in the United Nations and the global media complex, so that it can offer up the occasional human sacrifice to the same demon god most of the other religions are duped into adoring, half the time at least.

Before the Saudi sword comes out, which is imminent, Western Michigan University will make a plea to the Trump adinistration, to try somehow to stop this. Mujtaba was at the airport coming to the US to attend college when he was arrested.

Oh well. The demons are thirsty.


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