Insult to Injury

There is something particularly odious about Trump’s travel ban, if placed into the context of the past few decades. Ideally, people applying for visas to the United States are accepted or rejected based upon their individual profiles.

But what makes the travel ban particularly heinous is that Afghanistan and Libya, two countries on the on-and-off ban, were invaded by the US and allies on the promise that they would become beacons of “freedom and democracy” and all that jazz.

The US has been in Afghanistan for a very long time, again with little to show for it. Enterprising young women had to fight tooth and nail – and receive tons of media attention – before they could attend a robotics conference.

Libya has been utterly destroyed and partitioned, with no effective government. No one is held accountable.

It’s as if the controllers had the memory erase device of the film Men in Black, but on a mass scale.

Meantime, the so-called leaders and governments or Afghanistan and Libya are feeding at the trough of American and international aid, taking their cut for allowing their countries to remain under de facto occupation, and now they look the other way as their own citizens are insulted by a blanket travel ban.

It is difficult to knonw who is the worst enemy of the ordinary person in Afghanistan and Libya: western governments and their puppet leaders? Or their own governments and their own puppet leaders?


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