Strange or Not Really

What I am about to describe could be chalked up to sheer coincidence – to some kind of inexplicable synchronicity. But it happens often and with increasing regularity at least to me.

Usually this happens on my Facebook feed or on Youtube’s list of recommended videos. Something will appear about a topic that I have been thinking about but never, ever searched online.

Let’s just make up an example to illustrate. Suppose I spent a few minutes, while walking to the convenience store, thinking about the Icelandic language. That Icelandic might be strange to learn. That it might be similar to Old English. That it might not be very useful after all, with virtually all Icelanders fluent in English. But I never did a search online, on any platform, regarding Icelandic.

Then in my Facebook feed there will appear something about learning Icelandic. Pretty weird. It’s worth running an experiment if you are inclined or curious.

This all could be a coincidence. Some people might attribute it to D-Wave computing. Other people might say that the usual above-and-beyond operatives, the telepathic stalkers, like to “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” from time to time, to let you know that they know what you know.

So those are the three explanations. What’s my theory? You can probably figure it out.

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