A Challenge

It is fair to say that the truth community has reached a near consensus on many topics, with only slight differences. These topics include 9-11, Sandy Hook, chemtrails, etc…

Perhaps the sharpest division in this community is over religion – not that it is important to reach any kind of consensus here. Just saying. Truthers are united on many fronts, but certainly not on theology.

If I were to accept a label for myself, I suppose I’d say I’m a Deist with a belief in the divinity of an eternal soul. This belief is reached through reason and experience. Faith has nothing to do with it.

I would like to pose some challenging questions to mainline Christians, or to evangelicals, and to offer up some food for thought.

Let’s consider the Bible. Let’s accept that the Bible was divinely inspired, originally at least, for the sake of argument.

This text has spend the last 1,500 years – at a minimum – in the exclusive hands of Roman, Byzantine, and Jewish propagandists, with at least 1,000 years of that timeline in the exclusive hands of the Crowned Heads of Europe and their snake-tongued advisors.

Why is it not surprising that the anti-human “Divine Right of Kings” shows up everywhere in the Bible? This is proof of the Bible’s profane dimension, but I digress.

So the Bible spent 1,500 years in the hands of power elites who stain everything they touch.

But somehow, these same elites (playing the long, long game) restrained themselves from revising, altering, deleting, or even inverting the Bible?

Somehow, the Bible is the only artifact to emerge, through the mud of history, in a condition that evangelicals insist is pristine. Not one letter has been changed!

I’d even say that western evangelicals have even taken to worshipping the Bible itself, as if it were some kind of sacred relic: idolatry.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the possibility that the Bible remained intact across 1,500 years under the possession of the most nefarious, corrupt, and demon-possessed elites the world has ever seen.

This is absurd. This is like handing one’s attractive 13-year-old daughter to a brothel and returning, after a long decade, and expecting her to be a virgin. Give me a break.

The controllers, Illuminati, or whatever one wishes to call them, altered the Bible for their benefit. But there were and are “rules of the game.”

One of the rules is that core truths have to remain, like “the kingdom of God is within you.” But then the New Testament’s baroque mythology leads to endless distraction.

Personally, I think it is a safe bet – and certainly a legitimate hypothesis – that important messages regarding the soul were cloaked with the mythology of Jesus.

How severely have Christians been duped? The vision of a Creator’s connection to the human soul has been blurred, and replaced by a new focus, an obsession really: accept Jesus (or fry in Hell).

I know many evangelicals who actually believe that a good, decent person, say a secular person living in China, or a Buddhist person living in India, who respects human dignity, and who cherishes this world and God’s creatures, are going to Hell because they do not believe in… you guessed it… Jesus.

They believe that because the scripture they cite – chapter and verse – may well have been written, or altered, by snickering demons. To put it into their own parlance.

There is the proof of the devil’s handiwork in the Bible: distracting people away from the kingdom within, and towards pagan Hero Worship; and promoting divide-and-conquer religious imperialism. Our way or the highway! Seems pretty satanic to me, the more I think about it.

I remained convinced that reason and experience are the only dependable ways of knowing the Creator.

Faith is blind, and leaves people vulnerable to manipulation, as has been evident for millennia.

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