Good Sunday Reflection

I ran across several videos by a channel called “pocketsofthefuture,” and the narrator, Paul Romano, provides some excellent wisdom. Raised a Catholic but having immersed himself in India, he seems to have transcended religion, identifying the core elements of a spiritual awakening, which for Romano includes the teachings of Jesus regarding the connection between God and the soul.

This channel is refreshingly independent. The narrator is on his own path. According to the narrator, American evangelicalism is particularly ideological and dogmatic. He rightly identifies their three “twisted teachings” of a fear-based conception of God, the idea of original sin, and the idea of an exclusive Christian monopoly on salvation. Of course, anything American evangelicals do not understand (anything foreign or exotic, like yoga) is considered demonic.

Romano explains how aspects of Christianity got hijacked and inverted.

I think Romano is right about it all.  I would even extend or amplify this message probably beyond what he would consider reasonable. In a related video, Paul shows how a particular passage of the Bible makes more sense if we replace the word “Jesus” with the word “soul.” Here I think he is on to something and venture that the entire book makes much more sense if Jesus becomes a metaphor for the soul. In every instance.

I think it is important to regonize the divine nature of the soul – not the mythology erected around a Middle Eastern carpenter, however inspirational his message may have been.

In any case, these videos provide real food for thought.




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