I do not purport to have the answers, but this coming week I hope to post a deeper analysis regarding the Psy Op (Gangnam) of the North Korean crisis.

After all, if the drama of the American prisoner was, as evidence suggests, a scripted drama, then it becomes difficult to accept the current narrative at face value.

It is still difficult to tell who is in on the potential caper and who is not…

I find a lot of the imagery surrounding the crisis to be a little too… ¬†unconvincing.

Consider, for instance, the photograph above. So the top leadership will be monitoring a missile launch from a table sitting next to a swamp?  Really?

So there is a diesel generator running in the background? So if a farmer stumbles over the extension cord, then the missile test has to be called off? Really?

Also, in this and many other photos, there are the little notebooks, for scribbling. Everytime.

Some of the missile launches looked a bit photoshopped – not unlike what Space X does with its landings.

Perhaps the greatest reason for questioning the mainstream narrative comes from the major powers playing into it – along with the global media complex. We know that, to these puppets and their controllers, lying is their religion. Lying is a sacrament.

I will write another post on this topic in the next week or so.

Meantime, I will attempt to remain somewhat unpredictable.



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